When it Struck

Written by Summer Xu Earned an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition The last thing I saw from the window was the bright light gleaming, followed by an explosion in the sky like a perfect fireball. When the fumbling cloud gathered into a mushroom shape on the skyline, the fierce painContinue reading “When it Struck”

Lost Behind the Mask

Written by Shuangge (Gloria) Zhang Earned an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition I stand in front of the mirror with a face in my trembling hand. There are only a few minutes left until the sun rises. I look through my window. The city sleeps quietly under its soft blanketContinue reading “Lost Behind the Mask”

The Fall of the Playwright

Written by Kareny Zhong Earned an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition It was the end of June, 1613, and it had been a few hours since John Fletcher started staring at the little ink spots that imprinted his paper. The paper is a part of Henry VIII that is aboutContinue reading “The Fall of the Playwright”

One Experiment Reveals an Evil Humanity

Written by Yurun (Irene) Zheng August 16, 1971 He was the first one to be released.  He stood in front of the building and looked up at the sky. The sun shined on him, gradually warming his body. A breeze blew on his face and gently shook his hair back and forth as he watchedContinue reading “One Experiment Reveals an Evil Humanity”

The Korean Peninsula: A Living Hell

Written by Oliver Ye Earned a Silver Key in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition He hides behind a hay mound, inhaling in and exhaling out like a dog behind the last thing that can protect him. The golden hay has already lost its past brightness and vibrant color, now darkened from burning. CountlessContinue reading “The Korean Peninsula: A Living Hell”

Crumbling Empires

Written by Arthur Miao On a semi-warm morning in Prussia on July 17, 1942, Hitler looked at himself in the mirror. His mustache, he thought, brought out the ferocious look in his eyes. He was a force to be reckoned with, and today was the beginning of his grand plan. Now that his army hadContinue reading “Crumbling Empires”

Angel of Death:

The Human Form of Evil Written by Vivian Zhang Glup, glup. I sat watching the plunger slowly make its way down the tube and into Miriam’s body. Inside the tube was a clear unknown liquid that would soon be injected into my own body. This was the third time this week, the twelfth time thisContinue reading “Angel of Death:”

Little Ivan: Power and Blood

Written by Mireia Giro Endless darkness… then suddenly, sharp shrieks mixed with the cracking of a whip on human flesh getting closer and closer. Tears are dripping down, along with fresh blood and sweat, onto the dirty stone floor. The sound of pain and terror resonates without the voice of another… Ivan wakes up againContinue reading “Little Ivan: Power and Blood”

A Dream that Died with the Ship

Written by Alice Xu             As he scribbled some words emphatically in his notebook, light shined out from his eyes: “April 24th, 1865. Going home.”  He smiled with joy, the first time since the Civil War had ended. As a prisoner, he suffered poor physical, mental and emotional health from the conditions of his cage.Continue reading “A Dream that Died with the Ship”


Written by Tony Teng “Help! Help me…Help…Me…” his desperate sounds started to weaken. “God will… bless me… right?” he coughed hard. *** He was a merchant, and a Christian. Standing on deck in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, he looked upon the sky. God was up there, of course. But down here, next to him,Continue reading “Punishment”