A Different Kind of Tourist

Written by Carol Er Yue in China List of Characters Adam A young man just over the age of 30. A Danish Jew who escaped Nazi persecution by fleeing to Sweden as a child. Though he has turned into a stubborn/cynical person, he also has the capacity to dream and hope. Emilie A pretty andContinue reading “A Different Kind of Tourist”

The Bartender at Flamingo Lounge

Written by Kareny Zhong Earned an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition CHARACTERS The Narrator (30s) is a bartender at a nightclub called Flamingo Lounge. For some reason, no one is able to remember who he is the day after meeting him. It doesn’t matter how much time they have spentContinue reading “The Bartender at Flamingo Lounge”

Perfect Pandemonium:

A Fantasy in 2098 A.D. Written by Zhiyu (Sam) Liu FADE IN: INT. A SMALL MEETING ROOM IN A HOTEL IN DOWNTOWN CHICAGO – DAY A gaunt man with a five-star military uniform walks into the room where a small crowd of people are waiting for him. He greets them, pulls down the screen toContinue reading “Perfect Pandemonium:”