Does History Have Its Eyes on Us?

Why Hamilton is the New Shakespeare Written by Kaixin In light of the events of 2020, university campuses all over the country are calling for a change to the common core – to replace Shakespeare with Hamilton: the musical within the cannon! This ever important piece of historical theatre touches on several important issues thatContinue reading “Does History Have Its Eyes on Us?”

Little Ivan: Power and Blood

Written by Mireia Giro Endless darkness… then suddenly, sharp shrieks mixed with the cracking of a whip on human flesh getting closer and closer. Tears are dripping down, along with fresh blood and sweat, onto the dirty stone floor. The sound of pain and terror resonates without the voice of another… Ivan wakes up againContinue reading “Little Ivan: Power and Blood”

Girls Are Starving To Death While Beauty and Weight Loss Companies Work Diligently to Build Bigger Cemeteries

Written by Irene Zheng “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…” The lyrics in the gym grow louder as every girl on her full speed treadmill gasps for the calories to fall away. Running another hour can’t kill me! Yes. Skipping another meal can’t kill me! Right. Taking another laxative can’t kill me! Exactly. WeightContinue reading “Girls Are Starving To Death While Beauty and Weight Loss Companies Work Diligently to Build Bigger Cemeteries”

A Dream that Died with the Ship

Written by Alice Xu             As he scribbled some words emphatically in his notebook, light shined out from his eyes: “April 24th, 1865. Going home.”  He smiled with joy, the first time since the Civil War had ended. As a prisoner, he suffered poor physical, mental and emotional health from the conditions of his cage.Continue reading “A Dream that Died with the Ship”

Thriving Through Chains

Written and illustrated by Sam Liu Five days out of the week I wear red ties on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, blue ones on Tuesday and Thursday. 6:45 is the time I get up; 7:20 is the time I sprint to breakfast; from 8:05 to 2:20, I run through my daily classes; and back toContinue reading “Thriving Through Chains”


Written by Tony Teng “Help! Help me…Help…Me…” his desperate sounds started to weaken. “God will… bless me… right?” he coughed hard. *** He was a merchant, and a Christian. Standing on deck in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, he looked upon the sky. God was up there, of course. But down here, next to him,Continue reading “Punishment”