About Us

People’s Republic of Creativity

This is a blog created by a group of teenage writers from all across China. Inspired by thoughts and brainstorms initially under the pandemic of COVID-19, we decided to to write our minds down for others to see. The outcome has been so incredible, we’ve decided to keep going!

Together, we embody a new and young voice, and as the youngest generation, we have a lot to say. Here you will find fiction and personal stories written from the viewpoint of us teens. There will also be poetry and other works with our opinions about social issues, historical figures and more.

Our minds burst with creativity and new ideas, so we will never put our pens down!

Our Editors

Hello lovely people! This is Amber. I live in Shanghai and am a student at Stevenson School, California. I love the visual arts, film, and of course creative writing! I hope you all enjoy our work. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @ambsyh_ 

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